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The Nighthawks are one of the few German jazz bands with a distinct musical oeuvre. Their strong, forceful live sound has become a trademark for rock jazz of the present day. This award-winning quintet is a guarantee for vibrant sonic journeys with catchy trumpet melodies that take the listener on a journey.

With their live programme 'Next to the Roxy', the Nighthawks transport an image of days gone by. Cologne once had a cinema, which Dal Martino and Reiner Winterschladen simply called the Roxy. It fitted thematically as well as locally into the nightly plan of the two musicians. Before they even retreated to the studio, movies had been watched there frequently. The rattling of the film reels accompanied the two nighthawks to the bar next to the cinema, where they exchanged ideas about cinematic parameters such as colour, movement and light over a drink. With a variety of ideas in mind, the studio door was finally opened. Since those days, the cinematic has reverberated in the Nighthawks' work and has become formative for their musical oeuvre.

After many brilliant and almost sold-out concerts, the five-member electro-jazz formation, which has received three German Jazz Awards, is now back on tour. They are bringing their 'Next to the Roxy' live programme with them! A beautiful hommage to powerful melodies, groovy Rhodes sounds and rich basses, a journey through many imaginary films yet to be shot. A creative excursion that above all takes the audience along as fellow travellers. Whether terminals, stations, tracks or gravel roads - Next To The Roxy is a vibrant musical journey that avoids standstill.


18. Oct 2023 Aschaffenburg Colos-Saal Programm: Next To The Roxy Tickets
19. Oct 2023 Reutlingen Franz.K (25. Tübinger Jazz & Klassik Tage) Programm: Next To The Roxy
20. Oct 2023 Freiburg Jazzhaus Programm: Next To The Roxy Tickets
26. Oct 2023 Husum Speicher Programm: Next To The Roxy
27. Oct 2023 Hamburg Fabrik Programm: Next To The Roxy Tickets
1. Nov 2023 München Ampere Club / Muffathalle Programm: Next To The Roxy
2. Nov 2023 Regensburg Jazzclub Leerer Beutel Programm: Next To The Roxy
12. Nov 2023 Leverkusen Leverkusener Jazztage Programm: Next to the Roxy
24. Nov 2023 Bonn Dottendorfer Jazznacht Programm: Next To The Roxy
24. Jun 2023 Bad Kreuznach Open Air im Oranien Park
28. Apr 2023 Oberhausen Ebertbad
4. Nov 2022 Bingen Theater