Get an impression of where and when our artists are on tour. If you have ideas for follow-up concerts, please contact us. We are keen to keep the tour schedules busy. Music simply deserves to be on good stages. And we do need the support of the audience these days. So please go out to concerts, as it is still a great experience.


26. Jul 2024 Mittelrhein Musik Festival Löhnberger Mühle Programm: Road Trip Tickets
23. Oct 2024 Kiel KulturForum Programm: Road Trip
25. Oct 2024 Hamburg Fabrik Programm: Road Trip Tickets
30. Nov 2024 Dötlingen Kultur Hinterm Feld Programm: Road Trip Tickets
1. Dec 2024 Wilhelmshaven Pumpwerk Programm: Road Trip Tickets

Jeff Cascaro

8. Aug 2024 Pontevedra Festival Internacional de Jazz e Blues de Pontevedra (ES) Programm: Pure
27. Sep 2024 Kassel Theaterstübchen Programm: Pure Tickets
28. Sep 2024 Stade Stadeum Programm: Pure Tickets
25. Oct 2024 Vreden Hamaland Jazz Club Programm: Pure Tickets
6. Nov 2024 Leverkusener Jazztage Erholungshaus Programm: Pure Tickets
28. Mar 2025 Gelsenkirchen Consol Theater Programm: Pure

Lisa Bassenge

19. Jul 2024 Freising 5. Freisinger Sommer Wunder Programm: Wildflowers Tickets
7. Dec 2024 Bad Homburg Speicher Programm: Wildflowers Tickets
15. Dec 2024 Bad Oldesloe Jazz im Rathaus Programm: Wildflowers Tickets
10. Apr 2025 Mannheim Ella & Louis Programm: Wildflowers
11. Apr 2025 Feldafing Jazz am See Programm: Wildflowers

Arne Jansen & Stephan Braun

19. Jul 2024 Stuttgart Festival Uhlandshöhe Programm: Going Home
5. Oct 2024 Pforzheim Black Forest Jazz Programm: Going Home
18. Oct 2024 Gütersloh Swing'in Sky / Theater Gütersloh Programm: Going Home
9. Nov 2024 Dresden Jazzclub Tonne Programm: Going Home
10. Nov 2024 Kassel Theaterstübchen Programm: Going Home
16. Nov 2024 Berlin Gitarrenfestival / Zitadelle Spandau Programm: Going Home
17. Nov 2024 Leverkusen Leverkusener Jazztage / Scala Programm: Going Home
2. Apr 2025 Rheda Wiedenbrück Jazz Club Programm: Going Home Tickets