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Lisa Bassenge entered the jazz scene like a rocket and made unmistakably clear that the concept of jazz was too narrow for her. To this day, the Berlin singer is intensively concerned with Americana, Country but also Pop influences. Her music has always remained young and has a high recognition value thanks to her unique voice. Music for people without stereotypes in their minds.

Lisa Bassenge is back with a bouquet of flowers. "Wildflowers" completes her trilogy of trio albums, again with Jacob Karlzon on piano and Andreas Lang on bass - same as on her two previous albums.

“Wildflowers” covers a range of songs that stretches from Dolly Parton to Depeche Mode, from Bob Dylan to Death Cab for Cutie. The way the trio arranges and performs them, these individual pieces don't seem to be thrown together, but rather like chapters of a story. Each one shimmers on its own, but the ensemble is more than the sum of its parts.

This also applies to the trio itself - especially on stage. The two musicians - Jacob Karlzon from Sweden and Andreas Lang from Denmark - embed Lisa Bassenge's unique voice in a warm sound that is ‘Scandinavian’ in the best sense of the word: relaxed but always engaging; playful, dynamic, full of subtle energy. "This sound has found us", says Lisa Bassenge.

Live review
"Karlzon, for example, knows how to give the pieces a completely unpretentious sense of atmosphere - and Lang, too, stands out more for the infectious enthusiasm with which he handles his instrument than for attention-grabbing sleight of hand. Without question, all three musicians could also impress the audience with their craftsmanship. The fact that they don't do so for the sake of the songs makes their performance great art - and the evening a pleasure."
(Neue Presse, M. Wieland 26.11.2018)


7. Dec 2024 Bad Homburg Speicher Programm: Wildflowers Tickets
15. Dec 2024 Bad Oldesloe Jazz im Rathaus Programm: Wildflowers Tickets
6. Jan 2024 Hamburg Elbphilharmonie
30. Sep 2023 Dötlingen Kultur Hinterm Feld
9. Sep 2023 Lübeck Trave Jazz
12. Aug 2023 Jerichow Jazz im Kloster Jerichow
25. Jun 2023 Berlin A-trane
24. Jun 2023 Potsdam Villa Schöningen
23. Jun 2023 Bonn Dottendorfer Jazznacht
22. Jun 2023 Stuttgart BIX
8. Mar 2023 Ludwigshafen BASF-Gesellschaftshaus
25. Dec 2022 Potsdam Nikolaisaal / Foyer


  • „Lisa Bassenge not only covers the twelve pieces, she makes them her own - with her changeable, soulful voice and the gentle jazz instrumentation.“ Badische Neueste Nachrichten 8.3.2020
  • "Auf "Borrowed and Blue" zeigt sich die Berlinerin visuell wie stilistisch ungekünstelt. Nur Bass und Klavier stützen das eindrucksvolle Gerüst, das Bassenge kraft ihrer Stimme baut." (Kulturnews 2018/10)