13. Jan 2023

Apple Music Home Session with Summerfield/Duppler

After successfully launching their collaboration as a duo with their Joni Mitchell tribute JONI, Robert Summerfield and Lars Duppler have been exclusively requested by Apple Music for a home session. Apple describes its format as a special challenge for the artists, in which new interpretations of well-known songs are recorded completely pure - in their own four walls: "The focus is on pure talent and brilliant songs."

Robert Summerfield and Lars Duppler have both to offer: With their versions of the Billy Joel anthem "And So It Goes", the John Coltrane song "Naima", which he wrote for his wife Juanita, and the Stephen Sondheim composition "Send In The Clowns", they open our eyes to the fragile beauty of the titles. Two videos were also made for the session.
Click here for the Apple Music Home Session by Robert Summerfield & Lars Duppler.