5. Apr 2023

Arne Jansen & Stephan Braun with new album called Going Home

On 28.th of April the new album Going Home by Arne Jansen & Stephan Braun will be released. It's amazing how these two string masters have immersed themselves in the work of rock/pop artist Mark Knopfler. Their intimate interpretation of the world-famous songs of the Dire Straits guitarist is simply successful. Music with a subtle pulse and a great calm. Stephan Braun is the congenial partner for Arne Jansen, as he brings rigour to the material through his classical background. And of course, both string masters' love of improvisation bursts forth. The songs are introduced improvisationally, the themes sometimes only hinted at. The music draws throughout from a serene, calm playing attitude. An album that must be discovered....