The Pasadena Roof Orchestra

The Jubilee Collection

Buy Release date:2. Nov 2018 – CD


The Pasadena Roof Orchestra are:
Duncan Galloway: Vocals, Bandleader
David Fort: Trumpet
Malcolm Baxter: Trumpet
Adrian Fry: Trombone
Sam Bullard: Baritone/Alto Sax and Clarinet
Oliver Wilby: Tenor Sax and Clarinet
David Pritchard: Alto Sax and Clarinet
John Sutton: Drums
Graham Roberts: Guitar and Banjo
Simon Townley: Piano
David Berry: Double Bass and Sousaphone

Guest vocals on CD3, track 6 & 12: Laura Fygi;
and on track 2 & 8: Les Brünettes (Lisa Herbolzheimer, Julia Pellegrini, Juliette Brousset, Stephanie Neigel)

  1. The Lullaby Of Broadway - CD1 "The Show Must Go On"
  2. Don't Be That Way - CD1 "The Show Must Go On"
  3. Honey Pie - CD1 "The Show Must Go On"
  4. I'm On The Crest Of A Wave - CD1 "The Show Must Go On"
  5. The Duke Steps Out - CD1 "The Show Must Go On"
  6. The Show Must Go On - CD1 "The Show Must Go On"
  7. She's A Latin From Manhattan - CD1 "The Show Must Go On"
  8. Josephine Baker - CD1 "The Show Must Go On"
  9. What Is This Thing Called Love - CD1 "The Show Must Go On"
  10. Sing, Sing, Sing - CD1 "The Show Must Go On"
  11. As Time Goes By - CD1 "The Show Must Go On"
  12. Skokiaan - CD1 "The Show Must Go On"
  13. Black Bottom - CD2 "On Tour"
  14. Top Hat, White Tie And Tails - CD2 "On Tour"
  15. East St Louis Toodle-Oo - CD2 "On Tour"
  16. Mississippi Mud - CD2 "On Tour"
  17. Blue Skies - CD2 "On Tour"
  18. Ball And Chain - CD2 "On Tour"
  19. It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) - CD2 "On Tour"
  20. Bye Bye Blackbird - CD2 "On Tour"
  21. Clarinet Marmalade - CD2 "On Tour"
  22. Meadow Lark - CD2 "On Tour"
  23. Temptation Rag - CD2 "On Tour"
  24. Nagasaki - CD2 "On Tour"
  25. Encore:Pasadena - CD2 "On Tour"
  26. She's a Latin from Manhattan - CD3 "Ladies And Gentlemen"
  27. Cherokee - CD3 "Ladies And Gentlemen"
  28. I'm All In For You - CD3 "Ladies And Gentlemen"
  29. When You've Got a Little Springtime In Your Heart - CD3 "Ladies And Gentlemen"
  30. White Jazz - CD3 "Ladies And Gentlemen"
  31. I Won't Dance - CD3 "Ladies And Gentlemen"
  32. The Lullaby of Broadway - CD3 "Ladies And Gentlemen"
  33. Undecided - CD3 "Ladies And Gentlemen"
  34. How'm I Doing - CD3 "Ladies And Gentlemen"
  35. Puttin On The Ritz - CD3 "Ladies And Gentlemen"
  36. King Porter Stomp - CD3 "Ladies And Gentlemen"
  37. Let's Do It - CD3 "Ladies And Gentlemen"
  38. Side by Side - CD3 "Ladies And Gentlemen"
  39. Goodnight Sweetheart - CD3 "Ladies And Gentlemen"